Personal Cardiac Assistant


Introducing the Personal Cardiac Assistant, PCA. The world’s smallest, hospital-grade certified, 12-lead ECG recorder that can be used by anyone and anywhere.

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The PCA system is a 21st century, connected medical device and a complete solution for recording of an ECG. It is so compact that it can be transported in your pocket. The PCA totally transforms and streamlines the traditional 12-lead ECG recording that has been around for ages.

The PCA is the world’s first and only FDA-cleared, hospital-quality, 12-lead ECG for both professional and personal use. In fact, it’s the only 12 -lead ECG that can be completed by patients themselves and this has never been possible at all with conventional ECG machines.

Combining hospital-grade accuracy, reliability, mobile technology, advanced software algorithms and cloud-based management, the PCA system set new standards in recording, storing, and retrieving of ECG data.

Used together with our ingenious and patented single piece, prepositioned, preconnected electrode strips, the PCA is indeed a pioneering medical device and our contribution to healthcare for the next generation. The possibilities of the PCA in healthcare is unmeasurable.


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